The problem of Climate Change is unarguably the greatest challenge posed to the environment today. It poses a risk of serious or irreversible damage to the global environment. Thus a global common approach is required to deal with the problem of Climate Change.Therefore all efforts must be made to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions at a level which would not interfere with the Climate system or food production and still allow sustainable economic development.

Our approach is to develop and promote a workable framework strategy and policy instruments geared towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We intend to profer solutions to the international community aimed at balancing the interests of developed and developing nations through the adoption of a common but differentiated responsibility approach to the sharing of commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We encourage the use of modern technology in industrial developments in Africa to reduce industrial emissions of greenhouse gases.

We intend to alert the people of the possible health hazards of emission of greenhouse gases.

We intend to promote renewable sources of energy such as solar, waste and bio fuels.